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Close Call - Levi x Reader
You couldn’t believe it.
Humanity’s Strongest Soldier, Captain Levi himself – injured?
The concept was so alien to you that you couldn’t wrap your head around it. The expedition you had gone on once again was a failure – no surprise there. After all these years in the Scout Regiment you’d be far more surprised if you had a mildly successful result at the end of it all.
But even still, this particular event had ended worse than your previous adventures outside the Walls. This time, the almighty Captain himself had suffered an injury so serious it sent him into a coma.
Despite accompanying the Regiment on the expedition, you only ever heard of Levi’s injuries once making it to the Walls. Your own wounds had been fairly severe, and the ride back home was all but a blur to you, so when you finally regained consciousness you searched for your boyfriend when he wasn’t at your side. It was a great shock to you that he had been sent to the hospit
:iconwhat-the-honk:what-the-honk 805 112
Gentle Persuasion - [AU] Levi x Aquaphobe!Reader
“Come on, [First], get your ass in the water,” came the irate voice of Levi, your easily angered boyfriend.
The two of you had currently been in your backyard, addressing the same problem you had been addressing for the majority of the year, now. That problem being…
You were extremely aquaphobic.
Showers were fine, taps were fine – baths were not, pools were not, the beach was not. You didn’t know what it was that terrified you so much about water—no, actually, that was a lie. You were entirely aware of what caused you to live in constant fear. You had almost drowned on your trip to the beach last year; you remembered the suffocating feeling of water filling your lungs. The waves were rough, and they were too strong for you to overpower. The pure terror that wracked your nerves was something that was constantly renewed whenever you so much as looked at a sink full of water.
You shook your head furiously at Levi’s demand. “No, no, I
:iconwhat-the-honk:what-the-honk 633 222
A Bundle of Joy - Levi x Reader
When you called him into the living room, Levi had no idea just what he was in for. Maybe if he did he would’ve been more prepared for what you would say to him, not that he’d ever find out now.
You sat on the couch, your hands in your lap as you twiddled your thumbs and nervously shifted in your spot. Levi simply waited for you to finally work up the backbone to say whatever it was you were about to say. If he were being completely honest, though, your silence was bugging the ever-living shit out of him.
“Umm… So, Levi…” you mumbled, not even looking him in the face. “Uh, so… there’s something that you should probably know.”
“Yeah, I kinda figured. What is it,” he more so demanded than asked.
You took a deep breath and closed your eyes tight. “I’m pregnant!” you blurted out.
His face was void from any expression, save his slightly-widened eyes, as he tried to comprehend those two words. You
:iconwhat-the-honk:what-the-honk 775 280
Better Than Me - Levi x Reader
It was always the same. Every night. Every damn night Levi would have nightmares about the soldiers he’d lost in battle, about the comrades he had to sacrifice for a better chance. They haunted him, seeing their blood stained faces calling and crying for him to save them in their final moments left him more damaged than he’d ever reveal.
He’d toss and turn, desperately searching for comfort in his sheets, wishing deeply that maybe tonight would be the night that the gods would bless him with a blank mind as he slept. But no, the load that weighed down the shoulders of Humanity’s Strongest Soldier was too heavy for even him to lift.
Beads of sweat gathered at his brow as he heard the blood curdling screams of the scouts dying around him, of all the people he couldn’t save because he was too weak.
God, he was weak.
But in the distance of the battlefield he heard a voice calling out to him, beckoning him to leave the bloody fight.
:iconwhat-the-honk:what-the-honk 718 98
Only Mine (Rivaille/Levi x Reader)
Corporal Levi was standing right in front of you, side by side with Commander Erwin. The two of them were arguing about what would be done with Eren. You just stood still, looking up at the two man that were taller than you. You felt so tiny, specially when you were around Erwin. Christa was the only person shorter than you, and you thanked god that no one mocked you, except for Hanji. You felt an arm around your shoulders and her familiar giggle. Speaking of the devil.
"Despite your height, you're so graceful (Name)!" She smiled lightly, pressing her hand on your shoulder as she got the attention of the two man in front of you. Your face burned, bright red when Levi's eyes stopped at you.
"Oe, shitty glasses, stop that." He looked at her with a sharp gaze, taking a step towards her.
A smile crossed Hanji's lips as she get her hand of you. Levi stopped walking, still looking at her. Fast as Flash, Hanji used her hand to hold your skirt up, smiling at your pink childish panties. Your fa
:iconjennycolt:JennyColt 557 81
Sleep {Levi x Reader|RQ}
Levi was never one to sleep over time. As soon as the sun was up and its first rays would rise, he would rise and shine as well.
But today was different.
WAY different!
It was almost noon and he was still sleeping. This made [Name] both worried and frustrated. It Sunday, their day off, and he would just sleep all day?  
It was the only day of the week when they could be together ALL day. With nothing else bothering them. With no responsibilities. Only the two of them!
Both of them were very busy with their jobs and would go straight to bed after work.
What made her curious was that they didn’t go to sleep (too) late last night, so it wasn’t that he needed sleep because he was tired.
Maybe he was sick?
Oh no, this better not be it!
The last time he was sick he made her do completely EVERYTHING for him, or at least everything she could possibly do for him while he was sick. Leave the fact that he would be grumpier than usual.
So if he really was sick, she liked better wa
:iconreinachan22:ReinaChan22 633 75
sweet tooth. // levi
"I AM SO SORRY, CAPTAIN!" Sasha's voice rang in the mess hall from the kitchen nearby. 
"Isn't that potato girl's voice?" Reiner questioned, halting his conversation with Bertholdt.
"Hey! Don't call her that," Connie interjected, pointing his finger at Reiner, making him smirk a little.
"Let's go check up on her, guys," you suggest, getting up from your seat, and helping Armin to stand up, seeing that he was sitting on the floor reading a book.
"I bet she ate the winter's food reserves," Jean snickered as everyone walked to the kitchen. Standing in front of the kitchen's door, you find Sasha, bowing apologetically to Captain Levi, a couple of chocolate streaks surrounding her mouth. Your heart raced a little when you saw the Captain standing angrily, tapping his foot on the wooden floor. After all, you did have a crush on him for a long time now, but no matter how much your friends would nag you to confess to him, you'd immediately refuse.
"What is going on here?" Hanji's loud voi
:iconhumanitysshortest:HumanitysShortest 727 283
Full - Levi x Reader
You shivered and wrapped your Scouting Legion cloak more tightly around your shoulders. You weren't sure what was more the cause of your sudden discomfort - the cold November air that inevitably seeped its way into the HQ, or the echo caused by your footfalls in the stone dormitory hallway. Normally, you wouldn't mind the quiet. Between the new recruits you train daily and the seemingly endless stream of tasks you receive from Irvin, you would relish the few moments of peace you could manage to find. Tonight, though, the quiet only served as a painful reminder to the many previously-occupied dorm rooms that now were empty.
You passed one of these rooms, and stopped short, your eyes glued to the wooden door. You recognized this one as belonging to Erd Gin. He was one of four members of Squad Levi, and one of the most capable scouts in the Legion. He was an amazing fighter and had a titan kill record to rival your own, and was growing to be an excellent leader. He seemed like a genuinely
:icongriiffn:griiffn 1,152 187
Smile [Rivaile/Levi x Reader]-One shot
Smile [Rivaille/Levi x Reader]
—— Courageous Idiot
(Author's note: this is Levi's POV)
The light of the campfire glowed lowly. I was standing on the stage, crossing my arms. This is boring as hell. After Erwin's speech, many cowards ran way quickly. The few remaining cadets were obviously trembling, some crying, some remained emotionless.
When finally it came to an end, I saw a girl. A girl no more special than the others, a normal girl. She seems so weak. I wonder why she choose Survey Corps. Why did she even join the military.
The girl had cried and held on herself during the speech. But, unlike me, the girl is now smiling and laughing with the other comrades. Why are you smiling? Stop that smile. Weren't they crying all like babies there just two seconds? Those kids these days. She was surrounded by a friendly and gentle atmosphere which I always hated. This is getting me frustrated but I just can't figure why.
For a mere seconds our eyes met. But surprisingly, she quick
:icondarkness637:Darkness637 231 40
Obviously (Rivaille x Reader)
It was the middle of the night and you find yourself walking towards the courtyard. As soon as you stepped outside, the cool breeze gently crawls on your skin. You blamed yourself for clothing lightly and for not bringing a jacket. You went towards your favorite spot under the tree and leaned against it and admired how beautiful the starry night was. A few moments later you felt a presence behind you, making your heart beat fast.
'Who could it be,' you thought.
Suddenly you spun around and you were greeted by a pair of steel blue eyes that was staring blankly at you. It was Lance Corporal Rivaille, your superior.
Your immediate reaction was to salute him.
His countenance remained stoic as he spoke, "It's already past curfew cadet, may I ask what your business is?"
The wind gently blew making you unconsciously shiver and before you could answer your superior noticed this and took of his jacket and threw it to you.
You almost missed it and sighed in relief when you didn
:iconxylvie:Xylvie 842 212
Lips (Rivaille x Reader)
One busy day, you were supposed to be hanging all the laundry and finishing your chores but something unexpected *ehem* wild horse stampede a.k.a Jean vs. Eren fight *ehem* event occurred causing you and the two other guys in to some awkward situation. And the worst part is the Corporal saw this giving all shits and hell to you. Well that doesn't make any sense does it? It all began when Sasha was washing up the clothes together with Christa and Ymir, who volunteered to help.
"After this, can we sneak into the kitchen? I'm kinda hungry." Said a frustrated Sasha.
Christa giggled at her friend's bottomless appetite and smiled. "But Sasha we just finished eating a snack and resumed our chore and you got hungry. Again? But I guess I'll help you." Christa looked at her friend beside her who was focused on scrubbing in a stain on the white cloth. "Ymir can be the look out right?" She added making the said girl to look at her.
Her face heated up on the sight of her beloved Christa with a gent
:iconxylvie:Xylvie 1,069 214


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